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Planning your bun's arrival

You've done your research, but you are still looking for an easy guide to help you prepare for your rabbit's arrival. We've created a handy checklist for you to use.

So you've chosen to adopt a rabbit. Here's where you should start...

  1. Decide whether you are going to put up an enclosure, allow your bunny to free roam in its own room, or let your rabbit free roam in the house. Read More Enclosures.

  2. Find the right litter box. Read More Litter Boxes

  3. You will be providing Unlimited hay. Read More Hay

  4. You have decided to provide pellets. Read More Hay Pellets

  5. You need a nice heavy ceramic bowl or water fountain. Read More Water

  6. You have a hidey box and some tunnels. Read More Toys

  7. Their litterbox needs a good quality absorbent litter. Read More Bedding

  8. Start with a variety of toys until you figure out what they like. Read More Toys.

  9. Do you have an emergency preparedness plan? Read More Emergency Plan

  10. Have you scheduled your first vet visit? Read More Vets & Emergency Ers

We have more to read in our Rabbit Daily Care Guide.

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