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I Have A Bun

We have carefully selected some articles that might be helpful for you.

Bunny Boarding & Pet Sitting

Find a rabbit knowledgable locations to watch your bun so you can go out of town with out worrying about them.

Bunny Grooming

Find a rabbit knowledgable person to help groom your bunny.

Bunny Savvy Vets & ERs

Find a rabbit knowledgable veterinary clinics and emergency rooms.

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Daily Care

Bunny Bonding

Giving your bun a companion is a rewarding but challenging experience.  It is well documented that bunnies that have a companion live longer lives. However, not all bunnies get along together.

We recommend starting off with rabbit dates to see if the new bunny is a good match.  Generally speaking, the easiest to bond is opposite genders and opposite personalities.  However, that doesn't mean you can't bond bunnies of the same gender and personality; it just might be a bit harder. 

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