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I Want A Bun

Getting a rabbit is a huge decision, and we are here to help you on your rabbit journey.  Whether you are new to bunny guardianship or not, we have curated articles just for you!

Rabbit Roadmap

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Choosing the Right Rabbit

Every bun is different and selecting the right rabbit that suits both your lifestyle and the bunny's is important. 


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Medical Issues

These are common medical issues you might come across when you have a rabbit. Know the signs & symptoms.

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Planning Bun's Arrival

Before thinking about getting a rabbit, do you have everything needed for their arrival? We have created a Check List.

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Look at all the adoptable buns available for adoption.  If you are unsure, ask about fostering first.

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Daily Care

Learn how to care for a rabbit including food, enclosures, treats, and enrichment ideas to keep your bun happy.

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Exotic Vets

Before you get a bunny, know what rabbit savvy vets and emergency vets are in your area!

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