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Rabbit Rescues: Il

Find out more about local rabbit rescues in the Chicagoland, Illinois area.

Visit Petfinder to find rabbits near you!

Adopting or fostering is a wonderful way to save lives! Not only do you save the life of the bunny you adopted or fostered, but you open up space for another rabbit to also be saved so they too can find their forever home! Check out all these awesome places where you could find your future best bun friend.

Rabbit Rescues in the Chicagoland/ Illinois area.

Alive Rescue Chicago / Chicago Metro Area-

Anderson Humane / Chicagoland Areas-

Animal Care League (ACL) / Oakpark & Surrounding Areas-

Animal Education & Rescue(AEAR) / Lake County & Surrounding Area-

Bunnies United Network (BUN) / Naperville & Surrounding Areas-

Dupage County Animal Shelter / Dupage County-

Dupage Guinea Pig Rescue / Northern Illinois -

Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary / Chicagoland Illinois & Indiana-

Hop To It Rabbit Rescue / Lockport & Surrounding Areas-

House Rabbit Society of Chicago / Chicagoland Areas-

It's All About The Paws / Chicagoland Areas-

Lost Woods Animal Shelter / Chicagoland Area-

Moon Dog Farm / Chicagoland Areas-

One Tail at a Time / Chicagoland Areas-

Red Door Animal Shelter / Chicagoland Areas-

The Anti-Cruelty Society / Chicagoland Areas-

Wonder Bunny Rabbit Rescue / Palatine & Surrounding Areas-

Do you have an Illinois Rabbit Rescue or do you also adopt out spayed/ neutered rabbits? Email to have your rescue listed here!

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