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Your Rabbit Guide

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

We love Bunnies' official bunny guide to all things rabbit.

By: Coralie Crumb

Getting a rabbit can be an overwhelming but oh-so-satisfying journey. We are here to help guide you as you decide whether a bunny is a good fit for you. Whether you are new to bunny guardianship or a veteran, we have something for everyone.

We plan on including topics such as daily care, nutrition, common medical issues, common behavioral issues, and rescue spotlights.

If you are searching for "bunnies near me" or "rabbits for sale," please consider adoption instead. We have rabbits of all breeds, genders, personalities, and ages. When you adopt, your rabbit comes to you already medically cleared, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. All you need to do is provide a loving home for your new bun.

Volunteers needed

WeLoveBunnies' Blog Contributors are all volunteers from local Illinois Rabbit Rescues. Please check out their websites and support them. If you are interested in submitting an article for this blog, please email ; include your name and what rescue you volunteer for in the body of the email with the note that you are allowing the use of your article in WeLoveBunnies' Blog. Attach the article in a doc or google doc.

Coralie Crumb is a volunteer and foster for the foster-based rescue, Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary. Visit their website at

Please adopt or foster today!

Rabbit Shelters and Rescues are full!

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment, share, and View Rescues.

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