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Are you the right home for a bunny?

So you decided you can no longer resist the adorableness that are bunnies! How do you know if you are the right home for a bunny? Although the appearance of bunnies can vary widely, their personalities also distinguish them from one another too! And some personality traits are somewhat consistent with certain breeds. This can help you in matching a bunny's personality to your personality/lifestyle.

But remember, bunnies are bunnies. They are not dogs or cats. They are prey animals meaning the majority will really not like being picked up, may get scared when new people enter the home, or will become frightened by sudden loud noises. Once you accept a bunny for what he is, the fun part begins.

The best place to start your search is by visiting local rescue websites or online searchable database websites like Petfinder and AdoptAPet. Ultimately, you need to visit the bunnies to see who will tug at your heartstrings! The fluffy little lion head you saw online might not give you the time of day!

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