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Rabbit Care: Litterboxes & Bedding

Yes! Bunnies can be litterbox trained. Most bunnies choose a corner, so start with putting the litter box in the corner and see how they do. Don't give too much space too quickly, which could lead to your rabbit marking said territory with poops and urine.

Which Litter Box Should You Choose?

You should pick a litterbox that is 2-3 times the size of your rabbit. Your bunny should be able to lay in their litterbox if they so choose to do so. If you have multiple rabbits, you may need a larger litterbox or multiple litterboxes depending on their sizes. All rabbits should be able to use the litterbox at the same time so there aren't fights over it.

Another thing to note, the larger the litterbox, the less you will need to change it out. Most people change their litterboxes 1-2x a week and only spot clean daily. However, if you are using a smaller litterbox, you may need to change it out daily not only to keep the smells down, but to ensure your rabbit feet don't get soiled.

What Bedding Should You Choose?

Different bedding offers very different benefits. Some people use a variety of the below. Just make sure you research before using. Only use bedding in the litterbox and not on the floor of the bunny's space. For outside the litterbox, you can use soft fleece.

Paper Bedding- Very absorbent. Soft on their feet.

Wooden Shaving- Less absorbent than paper. Not soft on their feet. Avoid Pine and Cedar as the oils can cause respiratory issues.

Stove Pellets- Very absorbent. Crumbles went wet. Very heavy so a little goes a long way. Not soft on feet when dry.

Newspaper- Less Absorbent than rolled paper. Soft on feets. Most ink are soy-based and are safe for bunny consumption.

Hay- Not absorbent. Soft on their feet. They will eat soiled hay, but you should put fresh hay on top of other bedding and refresh 2-3x a day to ensure they always have fresh hay available to them. Fill the litterbox with hay so they have unlimited hay daily and put the fresh hay on one side and they will naturally eat and poop at the same time.

Clay- AVOID! Can cause respiratory issues and harmful to bunny if they digest it.

For Incontinent and Senior Buns With Mobility Issues

Puppy Pads- Needs to be changed daily. Soft on feets. Some bunnies chew on it and it is NOT rabbit safe.

Cotton Towels- Needs to be changed 2-3x daily. Soft on feets. Safe to chew on in limited amounts.

Cleaning Litterboxes

Some people choose to spot clean daily using a small dustpan and brush; then 1-2x a week do a thorough deep clean. During the deep clean, dump the box. Using a vinegar/water solution (20/80), spray down box, and wipe clean. If there is white in the corners, you can use 100% vinegar and let it sit for 20-30 minutes, then dump and dry off with a towel or paper towel.

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