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Rabbit Care: Water

Your bunny needs water to survive, but which should you pick a bottle or bowl?

Whether you provide tap water or spoil them with bottled water, they should always have access to fresh, clean water. The amount they drink will depend on the size of the rabbit. Rabbits will self-regulate when it comes to drinking water, but if you do notice they are not drinking or are excessively drinking, it may point to a medical issue; contact your bunny-savvy vet if you see either.

Bottle Vs. Bowl Debate

There are pros and cons to both using a bottle and using a bowl. So which should you choose? One option is to provide both and let the bunny choose. However, if that isn't an option, below is a list of pros and cons to the bottle and the bowl.

Pros to a Bottle: Cleanliness. Hay can't get inside the bottle so as long as you clean the bottle once a week, your bun will always have access to fresh clean water. That being said, they are prone to mold and algae and need special brushes to clean correctly.

Cons to a Bottle:

Cleanliness of your Enclosure. Bottles Leak. If you want to keep the bottom of the floor clean, place a bowl underneath the leaky bottle.

Takes longer for bun to get water. Since they can only get so much water out, bunnies take longer to get the same amount of water.

Unnatural Angle. When a bun gets older bending their necks at an odd angle might cause them issues when trying to get water.

Dental issues- They can cause tooth chipping.

Choking Hazard- The small ball is a choking hazard and can cause a blockage.

Pros to the Bowl:

Takes less time for bun to get water.

Natural Angle for drinking.

Cons to the Bowl:

Cleanliness: Make sure you keep the bowl away from the hay. Also if you see hay or poops in the bowl, you will have to dump it and get fresh water.

Bun may play with their bowl. Make sure you use a heavy ceramic bowl; otherwise, they may play with it and flip it, getting water everywhere.

Evaporates quickly. You may need to fill it more. One solution to this is to use a gravity fountain.

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